Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Instant Mesaging on your Handphone

Did you know Instant Messaging program? With this program we can send a short message to all our friends who are all over the world. With IM you can chat with our friends. To get this program is very easy. You just have to have a phone that can be used to open the internet. You must activate the GPRS first to enjoy this IM program. If GPRS is activated you can open your internet browser and download the various Instant Messaging applications. Applications provider to the website you like. You can download the IM application such as e-buddy, mixt, etc. Mig33. In most IM applications you can open your Yahoo Messenger account and also open your facebook chat account. Exciting is not it? You can chat with your friends while your friends are far away from your house. Only by downloading and installing them on your mobile phone is the IM application is ready to use.
Below are explanations applications famous Instant Messaging:

e-Buddi is a Instant Messaging application that provides a rather interesting feature for us fans of Yahoo Messenger and Facebook. Through this application we can open our Yahoo Messenger account and our facebook account. We can chat with friends or Yahoo Messenger with our friends our Facebook.

We can talk with our friends who are also registered in MXit. To use this application we should apply to this application first.

This application can also open accounts other than Yahoo Messenger us after we listed it in 12frenz we can chat as much with the friends who joined in 12frenz.

if you want to know more tips? please go to
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Good luck!

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