Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bermuda Triangle "mistery of UFO place"

Bermuda Triangle is an area of sea in the Atlantic Ocean. It often happens the disappearance of ships and aircraft in this area. Lots of opinions about the existence of alien intervention on this area. But there are also opinions that have been scientifically proven.

According to the U.S. Geological investigation of the disappearance of ships and aircraft in the Bermuda Triangle is the existence of methane gas in the region. This theory was put forward in 1981 and successfully tested in the laboratory and the results are very satisfying some of the plausible explanations about the mysterious disappearance of ships and planes in these waters.

But as for the opinion that the Bermuda Triangle area is a UFO base area group of outer space creatures like aliens who do not want disturbed by humans. As for the saying that there is a big magnet in these waters so that if any metal objects can be attracted and disappeared.

According to the hadith of Abu Hurayrah said that the meeting between hot and cold temperature (cool) to say such a ban because this place was the most favored by the devil. Bermuda Triangle region is a region between the current meeting of hot and cold currents according to some people that if the players are that there will be a huge vortex and powerful. Bermuda is located in the waters of the Atlantic and Africa, so there was a meeting of two heat flow from the African waters to the cold Atlantic currents.

Some people think that the Bermuda Triangle area is the devil's palace in which the Antichrist who will live in the end times will come to the surface of the earth.

The ancient manuscripts according to the Bermuda Triangle is a place that contains the jewelry to look beautiful but forbidden to go there because it can be dangerous.

Apparently a lot of opinions varied about the Bermuda Triangle. Either way really to be trusted about the Bermuda Triangle mystery. We humans can only think, predict, and proves that even though a proof can not always be understood and trusted by everyone. Therefore, let us restore all to the Almighty. Secrets of nature is the secret.

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