Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Brief History of Holography

In 1960 the world rang with the promotion of Industrial laser technique that produces holograms to be used commercially. This technique is widely used, among others, to test a particular product design. Visual artists also use the latest display ideas kreasidan.

Technology that became the background of this holographic belakanglahirnya born missionary is a Hungarian physicist Dennis Gabor, who developed the theory of Holography since
1947. In that year, while working at the Department of the British Thomson Houston, Gabor found Holography. This brilliant invention discovered by accident by Gabor.
Gabor originally was trying to develop a theory to improve the electron kemampuanmikroskop. When he tried to prove his theory he did not use an electron beam, but instead use light. In these experiments, Gabor Holography instead found, the science of producing holograms. In theory he was able to
create a theory of the world's first hologram. Created by Gabor hologram with the laser beam pembelahduaan selaju.
The first rate is called "reference" illuminates a photo sensitive plate or film, while the second row for diholografikan illuminated objects. The light reflected by these objects on the plate collided earlier and that after made combined again developed into 3D images.
Laser beam is the development of this holographic theory in 1960.

This hologram successfully dikembangakn by Pibram. Pibram sure that memory is not recorded in the brain cells but in the patterns of nerve impulses reaching the brain, such
as interference patterns of laser light that penetrated the entire plate area of a film containing a holographic image.

In 1979, two Soviet scientists succeeded in developing original findings with sinehologram Dennis Gabor. Eizykman and Fihman began working together in the field of the hologram. They made 4 sinehologram size 35 mm and 70 who performed mm.Itulah college of France, Paris. Both began to wrestle in the world of film measuring 126 mm Holography. This wide use of the film is the first step to making that can be seen sinehologram more than two people at the same time.

quoted from tabloids PULSA.

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