Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mobile Phone That Can Drive a Car

Today's technology has penetrated the whole over the world to the most in remote woods. One of the very friendly technology in our lives everyday like mobile phones. Formerly Mobile used to call, receive and send a reply sms with minimalist design and features a very simple with a monochrome screen, but over time that used a mobile phone ringing tone polyphonic monotone and is now expanding into MP3 ringtone and now video calls. With this feature the world can be extended to internet,,, so be ol fb in the mobile phone. ckckck ...

Well but there are more spectacular again the phone can control the car. Believe it,,, no? If you do not believe in going to Germany. There has been proven in trials to develop a mobile phone can control the car.
If you look at the videos we like playing remote control cars for mobile touchscreen. Like in a car racing game steering wheel, gas is to increase the speed, the brakes to slow down and stop. But the horror for those who have not also kept clay car know there are people not driving,,, hhe. The plan in the near future will be marketed.

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mochelz said...

waw amazing

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