Saturday, November 7, 2009

Create their own mobile theme

Do you want to create their own mobile phone themes? Go to to create mobile phone themes with images of your favorite. In addition you can make your own theme you can also create their own wallpaper and screen savers. It's easy at all.
The first thing you should do is to first list on Zedge. When you have finished your list right then brought back to the main menu, in the main menu select the menu make a theme or create a them if you want to create a theme.

The first step you will go to the wallpaper page where you must upload an image that will be your mobile phone wallpaper.

Second you go to the screensaver page where you can enter drawings to be a screensaver on your mobile phone.

Your third switch to the page where you enter the picture that will be applied as the theme of your mobile phone.

The fourth where you can change the color of the lines of the tone of the theme menu.

The fifth page is the page where you enter the ringtone to be installed along with the theme that you create.

Page last or sixth page is a page where you finish making a theme and be ready at the download to your computer.

Besides you can download to your computer, you are able to download the themes you've made through the mobile phone by going to the address / zcode. This is the code zcode given file when you want to download it via mobile phone. Code is usually in the form of numbers and will be notified in the menu after you select the download menu. Called the Mobile Web menu.

Are you interested?
Good luck!

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